Equipping moms for resilience and success after a new Autism diagnosis

Are you overwhelmed by emotions and don't know where to start after receiving an Autism diagnosis for your child? I understand exactly where you're at because I was there after I received my son's diagnosis over 9 years ago. In this toolkit, you'll find everything I wish I had when I started on this journey as an Autism mom. You've got this, mama. Let's do this together, Boldy. Gracefully. Courageously.

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    Emotional Resilience and Mindset

    In this Module, we'll talk about all things to do with emotional resilience and getting the right mindset. You'll receive a Heart Check Journal to help you jot down those feelings and process your emotions through this Module.

    Intentional Choices

    In this Module, we'll talk about intentionally choosing what's RIGHT for your child because no one knows them better than you. I'll share how to make sound decision, who to talk, how to research and where to start.

    Simplifying for Success

    You'll learn how to create simple processes for your child to better understand and create schedules that work for you. You'll receive some schedules and social stories along with strategies for self-care to take care of YOU.